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Online Library: FAQ


What is my Athens username and password?

This username and password are different to your network ID and password, and are required to access the majority of the online resources we subscribe to. An email with this information would have been sent from the Library at the beginning of your programme. Please contact if you need a reminder of your credentials.


My Athens account says it has expired – can it be renewed?

Yes, your account can be extended if you are still studying with us or have outstanding examinations. 


How do I access The Hub/VLE?


How do I access my Office 365 account from home?

To access your University Outlook email account, OneDrive (cloud storage) and other Microsoft applications:


Can I download the Office 365 applications to my device?

Yes, you may download and install offline versions of the Office 365 applications. Log into your BPP Office 365 account at and click “Install Office” (top right-hand corner), then follow the on-screen instructions for your device. 


Do I keep my Office 365 account when I leave BPP University?

The account only remains live while you have a live BPP email and IT account. When this closes on completion of your studies, the Office 365 account will close too. You will need to save important documents or emails elsewhere if you wish to keep an archive.


I can't view my timetable/my timetable is incorrect – who should I contact?

Please complete the student query form on The Hub/VLE.


Why am I unable to access LexisLibrary when using Safari?

Unfortunately, this is a compatibility issue. We recommend using Chrome to access LexisLibrary.


I saved my work on a library computer and can’t find it – where is it?

We recommend you save your work to your Office 365 account using OneDrive. Work saved to the desktop of a campus computer or within a folder (e.g. My Documents) may be lost. The OneDrive shortcut is on the desktop and can be accessed at

Can I print from my own laptop or mobile?

Yes, we have mobile printing facilities; please connect your device to the BPP student Wi-Fi and then navigate to http://BPPEveryonePrint


Why did the status of the document that I uploaded to the EveryonePrint website change from 'Processing' to 'Printing Failed - Awaiting Automatic Reprint' and then 'Expired'?

This is probably because you have uploaded a Word document and it will need to be converted into a PDF file. You can do this by opening the document, selecting File and Save As, then changing the 'Save as type' drop-down option to PDF.


How do I send something to print?

You are sending to your print queue rather than a specific printer. Look for the ‘Follow-You Q’ option when selecting the printer. Log in to any campus printer to release your print jobs.


Can I scan a document?

Yes, the Multi-Functional Devices (MFD’s) allow you to scan, print or copy.


How much does it cost to scan?

There is no charge to scan.


How much does it cost to print or copy?

It costs 4p per side if using the default back to back (B/W), 5p single sided. Costs will vary for colour and larger print sizes.


Do we get print credit at the start of each year?

You will receive gratis print credit at the start of each new programme of study.


How do I add more print credit?

When your free allowance runs out you can top up online using a debit/credit card at


Can I have a receipt for my print payments?

Visit, click on 'User Dashboard' and select 'Reports'. The Account Statement option will show all activity on your account, including print credit that you have added.


Can unused print credit be refunded or transferred to another account?

Print credit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Please remember to only credit your account with amounts you will use.


Can I check my balance?

Yes, use the ‘Check My Print Balance’ shortcut on the desktop of the campus PCs or visit and click on 'Deposit'.


Can I check my print transactions?

Yes, use the ‘Check My Print Transactions’ shortcut on the desktop of the campus PCs or visit, click on 'User Dashboard' and select 'Reports'.


Why isn’t the printer working?

Please inform a member of the Library team if there is a light flashing on the printer. It may need paper/toner or there may be a jam.


Why do pages come out of the printer either very slowly or completely blank when I send PDFs from the VLE to print using campus computers?

The issue is related to Google Chrome. We recommend downloading the PDF to the computer and then sending the document to print. Please speak to a member of the Library team if you require assistance.

How many books can I borrow?

You can borrow four standard loan books at a time.


I found the book that I want to borrow but it's a Reference copy. Can I still borrow it?

No. This book may only be used in the library.


How long can I borrow a book for?

Standard loans are for 3 weeks, with 3 renewals. This is applicable to Full-time and Part-time students who attend weekly. As this is a revised policy it is now applicable to all students.

Part-time weekend students and distance learning students have a longer initial loan period of 5 weeks, with 1 renewal.


Can I renew my books online?

Yes, you can access your Library Account here. Your User ID and PIN were supplied in an email from the Library at the beginning of your programme. Please contact us if you need a reminder.


Why won’t it let me renew my books online?

You may have three or more overdue items on your account. Please contact the Library.


I’ve realised that my book is overdue. Will I be charged a fine?

We do not charge fines on overdue materials. However, you may not be able to borrow any more books until the overdue item has been returned.


Why have I received a reminder notice when I’ve returned my book?

The item/s referred to in the reminder do not show as being ‘discharged’ from your account. All borrowed items must be returned using a self-issue/return machine, where available, or via the Library Desk. Books that are checked out on your account must not be returned to the shelves or placed on trolleys in the library.


I don’t need to borrow any more books as my course has finished. Can I keep my overdue book?

All overdue items will need to be returned or paid for otherwise you will not receive your course results. Please contact the library team for help if you are concerned about any lost materials; we will be able to help.


How much of a book can I photocopy?

Usually it is one chapter or 10% of the book (whichever is the greater), but you should always check first. Full copyright information is posted by every printer/copier/scanner. 


I’ve been recommended a book but can’t see it on the shelf, where can I find it?

Many of our titles are available as eBooks. Use ‘Find a Book’ to locate it and link via the URL provided. You will need your Athens username and password to access the relevant online resource. 


Can I reserve a book?

We don’t currently offer reservations as holding systems can take books out of circulation unnecessarily. Please let us know if a book is very popular and we can review the loan status, the number of titles we hold, or consider whether it is possible to obtain an eBook version.


Why can’t I access the journal article I found via one of our online resources?

Online resources often index more journal articles than they provide full access to. If there isn’t a Full Text Article link, use ‘Find a Journal’ to see if we hold that journal in the full text via a different resource, or in hard copy. If you still can’t find the journal, please contact the Library.


I’ve tried all our resources but still can’t get a book or journal article I need – can I borrow from another library?

Yes, if you are eligible for our Inter-Library Loan Service.  


Which referencing system should I be using?

This depends on your programme of study. Your briefing sheets and course guidance should tell you if the preferred system is Harvard, OSCOLA, APA etc. Further guidance on referencing can be found on the Study Support page.

I want some training on how to use online resources – can I sign up for this?

We have a regular series of Research Skills Workshops each term including those for online resources. These workshops are posted on CareerHub. Some are on campus, some in an online classroom.


What if I can’t attend one of the offered training sessions?

You may still be able to sign up for another one, or view a recorded session via the Online Library.


I have some questions about research, but don’t have time to come to full training – can you help?

Yes, each week we run an online Ask a Librarian drop in session with a Librarian for either Law, Business or Health. Please ask the Library for more information.


I have a general query about using the library – can you help?

Yes, please use our chat service (if online), email, or come and see us at the desk if you are on campus.

What are your opening hours?

Opening hours for each site are available here. Changes to the usual opening times are normally communicated locally and via social media.


I’ve lost one of my course books, can I get a replacement?

Please contact Materials Distribution for information on replacement course materials.


Can I bring a drink into the library?

Yes, we permit hot or cold drinks but preferably with lids. We ask that you are careful around books and equipment, reporting any spillages to a member of the library team.


Can I bring food into the library?

No, we don’t allow food in the library. Please use the Student Lounge or any other area of the University buildings where eating is permitted.


Is there anywhere we can discuss our work in the library?

All our libraries should be quiet places to study, with some areas designated as silent, and other areas or rooms for collaborative study. Please make sure you are sitting in an area appropriate for the way you wish to work, and so other students are not inconvenienced.


Can I bring my friends/family into the library?

No, currently the libraries are for BPP students and employees only. Any exceptions will have been pre-agreed.


Are we part of SCONUL, or similar, so we can use libraries other than BPP?

We are not currently part of SCONUL and aim to have the materials you need for your studies in our own collections. If you wish to use a library closer to home, it may be possible to use the facilities as a visitor by contacting the library directly. Some students can use other academic libraries as alumni, or an Inn’s library if they are BPTC students.


Can I use the library when I’ve finished my studies?

We are currently revising our policy for alumni students.