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Online Library: Printing Account

Printing Account

This enables you to check your account balance, view your recent printing and copying transactions, and purchase additional credit. 

Go to printing account:

From a BPP computer, use the shortcut on the desktop

From off-site - you will need to log in using you network account details 

Printing from your own device

It is possible to submit print jobs via email and when using your own personal devices.

To print from your own laptop/tablet you should connect to the 'bppstudents' wireless network (details can be found on posters around campus or please ask a member of staff in the library/at reception) and then navigate to http://BPPEveryonePrint.

If you are a BPP University student please enter your network username and password - i.e. the login details that you use to access both your virtual learning environment and the library computers. When you print documents using the EveryonePrint website, the cost of the print job will be deducted from your existing print credit balance.

If you are a student studying on a non-University course or if you are a guest, please select 'I do not have an account yet, I would like to create one'. After entering a preferred email address you will be presented with a username and password. These details are what you should use to login to the EveryonePrint website each time you visit and to access the Multi-Functional Device (MFD) when you are ready to release your print job. Upon the creation of your account you will be allocated with 10p of free credit, which is enough for 2 black and white sheets of A4.

After logging in you will see a number of different tabs:

My Print Jobs

Here you can view your print credit balance. When you wish to add more credit, click on the link that appears alongside your balance or navigate to To access the top-up website you should input the same login details that you use to access EveryonePrint.

Also on the My Print Jobs page is the option to upload a document to print. Browse for the document on your laptop/tablet, click Next and it will appear in the list of your most recent print jobs. You can then head across to the MFD and release it.

Please note that this function - and also Web Print and Mobile App Printing - will print your document in A4, black and white, double-sided. If you wish to print an A3 document and/or in colour and/or single-sided, please add the Follow-You Q printer on your device (see Driver & Laptop Print).

Web Print

Here you can print a web page by copying and pasting the URL.

Driver & Laptop Print

Take a look under this tab if you would like to add the Follow-You Q printer to your own device; this is very straightforward and involves no downloading, just simple configuration.

After selecting your operating system (i.e. Windows, Mac or Linux) you should follow the simple step-by-step guide. For those of you who are Microsoft Windows users, after selecting the Windows icon you will see on the left-hand side of the page a list of the various operating systems to choose from (i.e. Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP).

Once you have added the printer to your device, you will be able to adjust the Printer Properties to suit each document that you wish to print (e.g. choosing colour instead of black and white) and you can send print jobs directly to the MFD.

Email & Mobile App Print

BPP University students should use their BPP email account and non-University students/guests should use the email address that they used to register with EveryonePrint.

After logging in to your email account you should attach the document(s) that you wish to print and send the email to The body of the email will be ignored and only the attachment(s) will be printed.

Please note if you are a non-University student/guest and use an email address that has not previously been registered with EveryonePrint, a guest account will automatically be created and you will receive an instant reply containing your account details.

You can also download the EveryonePrint mobile app for Android or Apple iOS

After downloading the app you must establish a connection to the BPP EveryonePrint Mobile Gateway. If this has not been configured automatically you will receive the following message: 'No Gateway is configured yet. To configure the gateway press menu and choose "Gateway Details”.' You can do this by tapping the 'i' icon on the main screen of the app. You should then tap 'Enter connection details manually' and input:

Host: bppprintapp

Port: 9444

After testing the connection to confirm that the settings are working, please save them by pressing 'Use it'. You should only need to complete this process once. You can then login to the app with your EveryonePrint account details.

To print from your Android mobile device (Android version >= 2.3) please use the 'Share via...' or 'Send to...' functionality. When you see this option you should choose the EveryonePrint app.

To print from your Apple mobile device, choose an email and open the attachment that you wish to print, select the share option (the square with the upward-facing arrow) and then choose EveryonePrint.  A notification will appear if the document has successfully been sent to the printer.

If you have any queries about using EveryonePrint, please speak with a member of staff at the Library Issue Desk (if available) or contact the BPP Technical Assistance Centre (available 24/7) at or 03300 603 850.