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Chartered Management Institute News updates, articles and special reports on a range of management topics and issues. 

Money and Management (Open Learn) Browse Open University's free audio, video and courses for business management.

Podcasts for Professionals (British Council Learn English) Topics include change management, line management, and managing conflict.

Accounting and Finance

Basic accounting terminology 

A dictionary of accounting terms from NYSSCPA

ACCA Global Study resources for the ACCA exams



Medical dictionary 

Search OpenMD for medical terminology


A-Z of psychology (British Psychological Society) An alphabetical list defining some common terms used in psychology.

Psychology glossary ( Another list defining some common terms used in psychology.

Psychologist (British Psychological Society) Articles on psychology topics. 

Learning English


Cambridge Dictionary Includes grammar and pronunciation guides.

Oxford Learners' Dictionary Includes topic dictionaries (e.g. work and business).

Collins Dictionary Includes usage of similar words (English Usage) and how words work together (Grammar Patterns).


Use a thesaurus to find words with similar  meanings (synonyms) to use for paraphrasing.

Academic Writing

         Links on selecting reliable sources:

Citations & Referencing Styles

       Links to other resources on referencing skills:


Reporting Verbs

         Links to further online resources on reporting verbs:


Online English Level Test (British Council)  If you want to get an approximate idea of your grammar level then try this level test. As a very rough guide, the test presents your results as below:

  • elementary to pre-intermediate = up to IELTS 4.5
  • Intermediate = IELTS 5.0 - 6.0
  • upper-intermediate = IELTS 6.5    

Oxford Practice Grammar (Oxford University Press) This link will take you to practice activities & tests covering all aspects of grammar, according to the following levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced. 

Nouns and Nominalisation (UEfAP) This gives detailed guidance and practice exercises on forming noun phrases. 

How to improve your academic writing by using noun phrases (English for Essays) This is a short but extremely informative video presentation from English for Essays

Grammar in EAP: verbs (UEfAP) Information on verb tenses, verb forms and verb patterns. 

Gerunds & Infinitives (Queen Mary University of London) How to use gerunds and infinitives, which are two of the most common verb patterns. 

Using a / an /the (Cambridge University) Rules for pronunciation and usage of grammatical articles 'a', 'an' and 'the'.


Reading & making notes (University of Reading) Detailed advice on reading academic texts & note-taking.  

Reading skills (British Council Learn English) A range of texts to read, including emails & articles. 

Reading practice (Cambridge Assessment English) : short reading activities using a range of texts. 

Reading strategies (University of Sussex)  Expert advice on reading skills and strategies.  

Critical reading (University of York)  (University of York):Extensive advice on critical and active reading skills & strategies 

Understanding text types (City University of Hong Kong Language Centre)  A series of tasks that raise awareness of different texts and their functions

Different text types (Griffith University)  A video and follow-up activities that focus on essays, reports, literature reviews and annotated bibliographies 

Reading skills for university study (Open University)  A series of activities that help you to identify the different text types & sources that university students need to read, as well as focusing on reading & note-taking skills.  

Fact or Opinion? (Open University) Quick, simple tasks that introduce the essential skill of recognising fact and opinion. 

Fact and opinion (Open University) A further learning resource from the OU that uses two newspaper articles of the same story: which is objective and which is opinion-based? 

Reading: Fact or Opinion? (BBC Teach Skillswise) A series of downloadable factsheets & worksheets.